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Using Object Pooling in the design of a Particle System

Have you ever wondered how a Particle System can benefit from Object Pooling? If you’re not familiar with what that is, basically it’s a fancy programming term for reusing recyclable […]


Increasing the Touch Area of objects in Starling

When developing with Starling, have you ever wished you could increase your girth? Wait… no NOT that kind of increase! (Ahem Ahem)  I mean… the size of the hitTest() area […]


Starling Image Clipping / UV-Scrolling Features

While working on my first collaborative game project with Plugin.IO, I was finding it frustrating that we are unable to do in Starling some of the clipping and scrolling features […]


Math 101: Creating Parallel Lines from Two Points

There was an interesting question asked on StackOverflow’s Flash category today. I thought it would be a nice challenge to solve. Have a look at the question here: Draw 2 […]


Creating Tilemaps from Bitmaps with Axel

Designing a level for a simple tile-based game doesn’t have to be a painful process of concatenating hardcoded Strings or writing text-files. Instead, you can draw the levels out in […]


Creating a new FlashDevelop Project Template

Whenever a countdown is announced to signal the beginning of a Global GameJam, Ludumdare Compo, 7-days FPS, Jam O’Clock, 0hrs jam or whatever it may be… there is no time […]


JS-Snippet: Google Analytics Realtime Title Update

Do you frequently check your Google Analytics account for the total number of active visitors with the Realtime feature? Do you keep it inside an active tab in the background […]


Clean Coding: Refactoring a large project, in baby steps

If you have ever worked on a large project (or you are currently), you may have experienced the Janitorial-syndrome, which is “Man, I wish there was a virtual Janitor that […]

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Debugging in Many Flash Player Versions

There was, once upon a time, a Firefox plugin that would let you switch between your previously installed Flash Players (if you want to download this outdated solution for one […]

Instantiation Optimization

While I was reading the PDF “Introduction to Starling” (downloadable here), I stumbled upon a pixel-level collision detection example. When I noticed the code involved instantiating a new Point for […]

AS3 Level-1: Embedding Fonts (FP10)

One of my recent discoveries in the mysterious wonders of embedding fonts in Flash, is that it has changed ever so slightly – but enough to make me pull my […]

AS3 Level-3: Multiple Inheritance

Have you ever wondered how the world would be if you had many moms and many dads? Ok, you might say that such a family structure isn’t such an impossibility […]

AS3 Level-3: Callbacks, A Substitute for Events

Since the existance of Events, EventDispatchers and discussions debating whether weak event listeners are good or bad to use – it’s caused Flash Developers a serious headache. When is it […]

Mastering Tip in Ableton Live 8

EDIT: This tutorial (or experiment, mostly) is quite dated. The findings that I’ve observed and wrote about back in 2010 was my first experiment with Mastering in Ableton Live. Feel […]