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CRT Monitor Effect 2.0 for LaboratoryGames’s Television Game

I took some time to implement a few more features for LaboratoryGames’s CRT Monitor Effect. The new challenges were to implement a Distortion Map, Desaturation (aka: GrayScale), and Vertical RGB […]


CRT Monitor Effect (Live Demo)

I was recently asked by LaboratoryGames (also, here’s their tumblr page) to develop a special shader to be applied on their Starling game called “Television“, to be played on the […]


Graphic API Extension Arrives to Starling!

When Starling was created to help developers get a head-start on Stage3D powered games, it was great to see that all the traditional Flash display objects were replicated in the […]


Increasing the Touch Area of objects in Starling

When developing with Starling, have you ever wished you could increase your girth? Wait… no NOT that kind of increase! (Ahem Ahem)  I mean… the size of the hitTest() area […]


Starling Image Clipping / UV-Scrolling Features

While working on my first collaborative game project with Plugin.IO, I was finding it frustrating that we are unable to do in Starling some of the clipping and scrolling features […]


Preview: PyxelEdit Tilemaps implemented in StarlingPunk!

Although it’s a little too late at night to write up a full article about this new implementation I created, see this StarlingPunk demo! Controls Arrow keys to move. This […]

Starling = Stage3D (Molehill) for Flash Player 11 made easy.

The people that created this framework really made it a priority to make it easy for developers to carryover their knowledge of the current Flash DisplayList architecture – to this new powerful one.