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Using Object Pooling in the design of a Particle System

Have you ever wondered how a Particle System can benefit from Object Pooling? If you’re not familiar with what that is, basically it’s a fancy programming term for reusing recyclable […]


Clean Coding: Refactoring a large project, in baby steps

If you have ever worked on a large project (or you are currently), you may have experienced the Janitorial-syndrome, which is “Man, I wish there was a virtual Janitor that […]

AS3 Level-3: Using Custom Metadata Tags

Ever since I’ve typed my first keystrokes writing in AS3, I never knew even after 6 years I’d still be discovering new things in this powerful language. I’d like to […]

AS3 Level-2: Event Bubbling

I’ve come across several different ways how various company Flash Developers use Events. Some discover it for the first time and think its a great concept to pass a notification […]