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Building a versatile engine in Stage3D: Introduction

It’s a little late to show fireworks, but I thought I could share with you this Trippy-Rainbow-Spiral I’ve recently created! It’s built with a fresh new engine (on top of […]


Using Object Pooling in the design of a Particle System

Have you ever wondered how a Particle System can benefit from Object Pooling? If you’re not familiar with what that is, basically it’s a fancy programming term for reusing recyclable […]


Preview: PyxelEdit Tilemaps implemented in StarlingPunk!

Although it’s a little too late at night to write up a full article about this new implementation I created, see this StarlingPunk demo! Controls Arrow keys to move. This […]


Making Scrollable Tiles with UV Offsets in Stage3D and AGAL

In the last gamejam I participated (Ludumdare #23), I used the sweet and oh-so-sexy Axel Library! It’s by far my favorite Stage3D 2-dimensional library at this point. If you’re a […]


AS3 Level-4: Setting up a 2D Particle System with AGAL and Stage3D

It’s been a few weeks since I started experimenting in AGAL and Stage3D. The bad news is… I didn’t figure out how to make a kick-ass 3D Engine with post-processing […]

Instantiation Optimization

While I was reading the PDF “Introduction to Starling” (downloadable here), I stumbled upon a pixel-level collision detection example. When I noticed the code involved instantiating a new Point for […]

AS3 Level-2: Event Bubbling

I’ve come across several different ways how various company Flash Developers use Events. Some discover it for the first time and think its a great concept to pass a notification […]

AS3 Level-3: Performance Tip#1, Seek and Destroy

A performance issue that most Flash Developers encounter at some point in time, in most cases can be caused by a memory leak. Objects pile up on top of each […]