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Using Object Pooling in the design of a Particle System

Have you ever wondered how a Particle System can benefit from Object Pooling? If you’re not familiar with what that is, basically it’s a fancy programming term for reusing recyclable […]


Flash Developer Life: My personal AS4 Language Wishlist

Even if Adobe has already carved in stones what the next iteration of the ActionScript language will contain, I think it’s worth that each of us Flash developers shout out […]

AS3 Level-3: Performance Tip#1, Seek and Destroy

A performance issue that most Flash Developers encounter at some point in time, in most cases can be caused by a memory leak. Objects pile up on top of each […]

AS3 Level-3: Callbacks, A Substitute for Events

Since the existance of Events, EventDispatchers and discussions debating whether weak event listeners are good or bad to use – it’s caused Flash Developers a serious headache. When is it […]