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Question Du Jour: How to avoid getting stuck in Synth Design and Focus more on completing a Composition?

Designing a new Bass synth, Lead synth, Pads, Noise Sweeps or even a Kick Drum can be an addicting process – so much, that sometimes it eats up hours of […]


Flash Developer Life: My personal AS4 Language Wishlist

Even if Adobe has already carved in stones what the next iteration of the ActionScript language will contain, I think it’s worth that each of us Flash developers shout out […]

Mastering Tip in Ableton Live 8

EDIT: This tutorial (or experiment, mostly) is quite dated. The findings that I’ve observed and wrote about back in 2010 was my first experiment with Mastering in Ableton Live. Feel […]

Using Akai APC40 with Traktor Scratch Pro

With the Akai APC40, it is possible to not only use the controller with Ableton Live (which is its intentional primary used software) but also to use it with Traktor […]