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Graphic API Extension Arrives to Starling!

When Starling was created to help developers get a head-start on Stage3D powered games, it was great to see that all the traditional Flash display objects were replicated in the […]


Flash Developer Life: My personal AS4 Language Wishlist

Even if Adobe has already carved in stones what the next iteration of the ActionScript language will contain, I think it’s worth that each of us Flash developers shout out […]


AS3 Level-4: Yet another AGAL helper library, ASGL (part 5)

While I was looking for some more advanced Math functionality in AGAL, I stumbled upon this neat library on Google Code called ASGL (available via SVN here). It’s actually more […]

Starling = Stage3D (Molehill) for Flash Player 11 made easy.

The people that created this framework really made it a priority to make it easy for developers to carryover their knowledge of the current Flash DisplayList architecture – to this new powerful one.