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Building a versatile engine in Stage3D: Introduction

It’s a little late to show fireworks, but I thought I could share with you this Trippy-Rainbow-Spiral I’ve recently created! It’s built with a fresh new engine (on top of […]


CRT Monitor Effect 2.0 for LaboratoryGames’s Television Game

I took some time to implement a few more features for LaboratoryGames’s CRT Monitor Effect. The new challenges were to implement a Distortion Map, Desaturation (aka: GrayScale), and Vertical RGB […]


CRT Monitor Effect (Live Demo)

I was recently asked by LaboratoryGames (also, here’s their tumblr page) to develop a special shader to be applied on their Starling game called “Television“, to be played on the […]


Making Scrollable Tiles with UV Offsets in Stage3D and AGAL

In the last gamejam I participated (Ludumdare #23), I used the sweet and oh-so-sexy Axel Library! It’s by far my favorite Stage3D 2-dimensional library at this point. If you’re a […]


Ludumdare #23 “Tiny World”: Surrounded By Snails!

This is just a quick and dirty post to upload my game whenever I have a working version. Check frequently during the event for updates! Original Ludumdare Entry available here


AS3 Level-4: Using Ping-Pong technique with RenderToTexture in Stage3D and AGAL

In this tutorial, I’ll cover how to use a rendering technique known as “Ping-Ponging” to achieve a colorful psychedelic post-processing effect. Basically, it is the process of alternating between two […]


AS3 Level-4: PREVIEW Using RenderToTexture for Trailing Effects in Stage3D and AGAL

This is just a quick preview for a very special achievement in my exploration of Stage3D and AGAL. It’s my first attempt at using a “ping-ponging” technique to achieve a […]


AS3 Level-4: Setting up a 2D Particle System with AGAL and Stage3D

It’s been a few weeks since I started experimenting in AGAL and Stage3D. The bad news is… I didn’t figure out how to make a kick-ass 3D Engine with post-processing […]


AS3 Level-4: Yet another AGAL helper library, ASGL (part 5)

While I was looking for some more advanced Math functionality in AGAL, I stumbled upon this neat library on Google Code called ASGL (available via SVN here). It’s actually more […]


AS3 Level-4: Say Hello to XAGAL, the XML AGAL interpreter (part 4)

For the past few days, I have been experimenting with various options of writing AGAL code in ways that would be easier to follow than the raw code itself. I’ll […]


AS3 Level-4: Manipulating RGB Colors on a Texture with AGAL (part 3)

In this third experiment of AGAL, I will show you how we can modify the colors of a Texture in realtime by using some FragmentShader constants based on where the […]


AS3 Level-4: Experimenting with EasyAGAL (part 2)

You may have notice a slight difference with the title of this post when compared to my first post, “part 1” released previously. To further facilitate writing Vertex and Fragment […]


AS3 Level-4: Experimenting with AGAL (part 1)

If you’re like me, you may have been struggling to understand how to use AGAL to make your own GPU shaders in Flash Player 11. Many developers out there are […]