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“Monsterz” Game Music available on SoundCloud!

I got the pleasure of creating the music for Plugin.IO’s latest game titled “Monsterz” which should be available for Mobile devices soon. It will be a very interesting and cute […]


Question Du Jour: How to avoid getting stuck in Synth Design and Focus more on completing a Composition?

Designing a new Bass synth, Lead synth, Pads, Noise Sweeps or even a Kick Drum can be an addicting process – so much, that sometimes it eats up hours of […]


POLL #3: Would you be interested in an FL Studio 10 Cookbook?

FL Studio 10, produced by Image-Line, is one fine piece of software primarily used for producing electronic music. At first glance, some users may be too intimidated to use it. […]


Video Game Soundtrack: “Surrounded By Snails!”

For those who wants to listen (or download) the original soundtracks from the game, these following two files are lengthened loops. You can put them on your portable MP3 device […]

Ghostbusters Remix from a while back…

A remix that I made back in… oh… 2005 I believe? I’ve renamed it “Ain’t Afraid” since it was Halloween at the time, and I only sampled the chorus section […]

Mastering Tip in Ableton Live 8

EDIT: This tutorial (or experiment, mostly) is quite dated. The findings that I’ve observed and wrote about back in 2010 was my first experiment with Mastering in Ableton Live. Feel […]

Using Akai APC40 with Traktor Scratch Pro

With the Akai APC40, it is possible to not only use the controller with Ableton Live (which is its intentional primary used software) but also to use it with Traktor […]