Flash Developer Life


New PyxelEdit Released: Make pixel-animations effortlessly!

The author of PyxelEdit, Daniel Kvarfordt, has recently announced the new release of his intuitive pixel-art design tool. This user-friendly tile editor got even friendlier by providing a set of […]


Post-Mortem for “Upward Mankind” LudumDare #24

Interested to read about The-Making-Of “Upward Mankind” (my LudumDare #24 entry)? Well then, here is my post-mortem explaining the good, the bad and the ugly: the difficulties, the change of […]


Creating a new FlashDevelop Project Template

Whenever a countdown is announced to signal the beginning of a Global GameJam, Ludumdare Compo, 7-days FPS, Jam O’Clock, 0hrs jam or whatever it may be… there is no time […]


POLL #2: Which Flash 2D library do you prefer for GameDev / GameJams?

There’s quite a number of 2D Libraries that exists out there for making 2D games in Flash. Is there one that you use and would absolutely recommend? If your favorite […]


Ludumdare #23 “Tiny World”: Surrounded By Snails!

This is just a quick and dirty post to upload my game whenever I have a working version. Check frequently during the event for updates! Original Ludumdare Entry available here


Flash Developer Life: My personal AS4 Language Wishlist

Even if Adobe has already carved in stones what the next iteration of the ActionScript language will contain, I think it’s worth that each of us Flash developers shout out […]


POLL #1: How could the articles be more helpful to you?

It wasn’t that long ago when I started to write my first blog posts on here. I find it interesting to read and hear people’s feedback to improve the way […]


Flash Developer Life: The Trap of installing Flash Player 11.2 and Debugging in Chrome

Adobe has been releasing revisions after revisions of the latest Flash Player, version 11.  As of this writing, I wanted to give a shot at some of the newest features […]