The author of PyxelEdit, Daniel Kvarfordt, has recently announced the new release of his intuitive pixel-art design tool.

This user-friendly tile editor got even friendlier by providing a set of new animation tools. You can set a name, framerate and amount of frames for any given animations in your list.

I’ve put together a quick 5 minute demo of this new feature, check it out!

You can buy your license on this PyxelEdit page:

If you would prefer to try an old release for free first, click the download link at the bottom of the page. The available formats are called something like Portable version (Win, 18mb) and Air installer (Win & Mac, 0.2mb). If you have Adobe AIR installed, go for the Air installer.
(NOTE: However, this old version would NOT include the Animation tools).

It’s worth noting that it’s still in Beta and there’s a few kinks that still needs to be taken care of (Marquee Tool, I’m looking at you!).

Even so, I can’t encourage you enough to buy this pixel-art editor. Sure there’s alternatives out there, but this tool is fresh, has a modern feel to it (love the dark theme!), and now is the best time to show some love and support to the developer behind it all.

Don’t forget you can also submit your bugs and feature-requests. Daniel made a Github page just for that:

Maybe if you contribute enough, we’ll see one of your feature-request in the next release! ;)
(one can only dream, right?)

Did any of you purchase a license yet?

What do you think of PyxelEdit?