Although it’s a little too late at night to write up a full article about this new implementation I created, see this StarlingPunk demo!


Arrow keys to move.

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Adobe FlashPlayer version 11.2 or above.
iOS Devices are not currently supported.

What I did

I created an extension to StarlingPunk to be able to read a PyxelEdit XML document and its associated tileset texture.

It currently supports:

– Multiple Layers (with Transparency);
– Tile rotations and flipX properties;
– renders with a QuadBatch (all layers flatten to one, this can be changed);

What comes next?

I would like to implement some collision detection to the tiles. So far, I’ve added a method that can parse a string of tile index ranges to lookout for during the collision algorithm process.

Having each individual layers in separate QuadBatches could be beneficial to move each layers with different “parallax” amount, and also could help to filter which layers of tiles will actually enable collision detection.

At the bottom of the wishlist… is to handle slopes (of all angles, not just 45degrees!). But that will be in the far future!

If you have good knowledge in collision detection for 2D games, I could really use a hand to put this together.

Thanks for checking this out!