Designing a new Bass synth, Lead synth, Pads, Noise Sweeps or even a Kick Drum can be an addicting process – so much, that sometimes it eats up hours of your day just to come up with that Oh-So-Delicious sound you have stuck in your head.

Personally, I lack a bit of discipline to tell myself:

… Okay, I think I’ve worked enough on this, now let’s move on to completing the arrangement / composition of this song … “.

Too often, I get tied up trying to perfect a synth (ex: Native Instruments’ Massive, Reason’s Thor, Ableton Live’s Operator) and by the end of it, I feel depleted of creativity to move on to the composition part of the process.

So my question to you is:

How do YOU avoid getting stuck in the process of designing a Synth sound, and put equal (if not more) effort in the actual composition / arrangement of your song?

Maybe you can compose an entire song with presets? Or with Sine wave synths?

Can you create a great track by starting with the composition first, and then swapping all the sounds with greater sounding synths?

I’m very interested in reading your answers on this subject!

Leave’em in the comment form below.