This is just a quick and dirty post to upload my game whenever I have a working version. Check frequently during the event for updates!

Original Ludumdare Entry available here


– Flash Player 11 (preferably with a Stage3D compatible graphics-card);

This area requires
Adobe FlashPlayer version 9.0.0 or above.
iOS Devices are not currently supported.

Source Files available here (ZIP file)


Sunday 6:03pm (~4hours to the deadline!)
– Added more sounds, player dies after five hits;
– Started implementing a popup window (still under development);
– When you die… that’s it! (Hit refresh in your browser ;));
– Boss doesn’t harm you… yet!

Sunday 8:07pm (… it’s getting close!)
– Added water controls, few extra sounds;
– Can’t get to the boss (or maybe YOU can) without abilities;
– Need to make abilities!

Sunday 11:33pm (way overdue)
– A Snail was causing a water-bug (haha, get it?) and the player couldn’t swim at the same time it was in it;
– More sounds, but still an undefeatable (and harmless) boss;

Sunday 12:41pm (no updates, but…)
– Post-mortem to follow-up;

Monday 9:21am
– Provided link to download source files
  (found directly underneath where the Flash game is running);

Sunday 1:45pm (May 13th, aka: Mother’s Day)
– Polished up the game, Boss can be killed AND can kill you;
– Redesigned the level a bit, has an Exit at the end of the level;
– Only one level at this time, but will eventually have more;

Monday 10:45pm (May 14th)
– Added “Credits” button & screen on the MainMenu;