There’s quite a number of 2D Libraries that exists out there for making 2D games in Flash. Is there one that you use and would absolutely recommend?
If your favorite one is in the list below, vote it up! If not, you can submit it inside the comments-form below, and I can add it to the list (and add +1 to it, of course).

Also, while you’re at it – why not add a bit of self-advertisement?
If you have completed and uploaded a Flash game online, you can show it off here (post the URL in the comments form) and tell us a bit about which library you used!

Which Flash 2D library do you prefer for Game Development / GameJams?

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Is there any libraries you only use for certain game genres (platformer, puzzles, top-down, etc.)? What’s some of the “cons” / bad experiences you’ve had with one?