Adobe has been releasing revisions after revisions of the latest Flash Player, version 11.  As of this writing, I wanted to give a shot at some of the newest features in 11.2.

What really gets aggravating from these version changes is the long-term battle of switching between Flash Player versions when I need to debug in Chrome (and as of this writing… there is no debug version for 11.2!!!).

I’m not sure if it was Google or Adobe‘s idea to play a big trick on the Flash Developer community, but now Chrome looks for a completely different *.dll in my Windows system32  folder to load the player.

It looks for… *drum-roll* 


WHY in the name of god would they do something stupid like this? This makes switching between versions a big pain in the ass when developing and testing in various versions.

I sure hope this is only temporary and they revert it back to the standard name it used to be: NPSWF32.dll.

This is just…. gahhh! Insane!

If anyone knows a way of replacing the registry entry or whatever instruction that told “Hey Chrome, look for NPSWF32_11_2_202_160.dll from now on, and roll around on the floor :)” , please comment your solution below! Pretty pretty please!

Alright that’s my rant of the day!

I made a fix (for Windows-only)! I dug deep into the registry to find any entries of NPSWF32_11_2_202_160.dll , and sure enough I found it filed under:


If you want a quick and easy way to overwrite this information in your registry, download, unzip and double-click this *.reg  file:
Download – (*.reg)

CAUTION: I strongly recommend to backup your registry before you install this fix. This could possibly mess-up future updates of your Flash-Player, so only use this if you’re certain you can revert your Registry if this solution creates more problems for you.