I’d like to begin this article by saying that English is my secondary language and there are still a few words, idioms or expressions that escape my vocabulary from time to time. Under such circumstances, I will usually rely on Wikipedia, Google, TheFreeDictionary and sometimes even to get a meaning (mind you, the latter resource does not always return a very useful definition, although it can sometime be very entertaining!)

Agile, from what I can recall as a youngin, means to have excellent dexterity, speed and mastery of a particular weapon, tool or skill.

The way project managers employ the word ‘agile’ remains WAY  over my head. From what I understand, it sounds like an art form to crunch numbers of each developers’ estimated hours and get a general sense of whether a particular project’s release date is achievable within a given deadline or not.

My opinion on it? Well, it is hard to ever give an opinion that won’t be frowned-upon since I don’t clearly know the roles of a project manager that well. However, I will say that it seems like many project managers get caught in this fishnet  or trend  of cultivating new methodologies – and that is probably the reason why most of us developers (or subordinates) perceive these fads as a waste of time. Again, this is just my opinion – without sufficient understanding about what is going on higher up in the hierarchy of a software company.

What I really been meaning to share with you in this article is what this gentleman has to say about the subject!

Uncle Bob’s Blog – The Agile Gambler

Have a look (and listen ;)) and Enjoy!