Matt Shaw's website (as of October 2011)

There was, once upon a time, a Firefox plugin that would let you switch between your previously installed Flash Players (if you want to download this outdated solution for one reason or another, go here) – which was really handy for debugging purposes.

For many reasons, that plugin is no longer useful today! To list a few, because:
– The newest version of FireFox isn’t compatible with Sephiroth Flash Switcher;
– FireFox is getting bulkier and more annoying to launch / load;
– Google Chrome is getting far more popular, if not the top Web Browser of choice;

So what is a programmer to do when he/she works on an issue that involves rolling back to previous versions of Flash Players?

Thanks to a search on StackOverflow, a few answers were pitched but I found the following solution to be the most successful, elegant and simple.

Matt Shaw’s Flash Plugin Switcher (requires Python 2.x or above);

Matt Shaw's website (as of October 2011)

Flash-Switcher Console

Although it is a command-line tool, it is very easy to use, prompts the user with short numeric choices, and even lets you backup your currently installed Flash Player (and it’ll do so platform-specifically too).

NOTE: For Chrome users though, you will have to make sure that your browser is configured properly. To do so:
– Enter: chrome://plugins in your address bar;
– If you can’t see the full details of the installed plugins, click + details found at the top right corner of the page;
– Make sure that any Flash Player plugins which are located at some level within the following path are disabled:
– Make sure only the following Flash Player plugin is enabled:
– Restart your browser (if you’ve made any changes);

Hope this tip will make your debugging experience across multiple Flash Player versions less painful!