POLL #1: How could the articles be more helpful to you?

It wasn’t that long ago when I started to write my first blog posts on here. I find it interesting to read and hear people’s feedback to improve the way […]


Versatile Stage3D Part 2: Using IndexBuffer Objects in 2D

Here comes the 2nd part of the “How to build a versatile 2D engine in Stage3D” series! Once again this will be a blind tutorial covering mostly theory and a […]


Versatile Stage3D Part 1: Using VertexBuffers Objects in 2D

Welcome to the first part of the “How to build a versatile 2D engine in Stage3D” series! If you’re already familiar with what VertexBuffers are in other programming languages, this […]


Building a versatile engine in Stage3D: Introduction

It’s a little late to show fireworks, but I thought I could share with you this Trippy-Rainbow-Spiral I’ve recently created! It’s built with a fresh new engine (on top of […]


New PyxelEdit Released: Make pixel-animations effortlessly!

The author of PyxelEdit, Daniel Kvarfordt, has recently announced the new release of his intuitive pixel-art design tool. This user-friendly tile editor got even friendlier by providing a set of […]


Taking COLT for a Test Drive

Recently, a new tool stirred the Flash Community, and if you’re a fan of Bret Victor’s speeches regarding live coding / drawing / building game mechanics from geometric shapes, this […]


CRT Monitor Effect 2.0 for LaboratoryGames’s Television Game

I took some time to implement a few more features for LaboratoryGames’s CRT Monitor Effect. The new challenges were to implement a Distortion Map, Desaturation (aka: GrayScale), and Vertical RGB […]


CRT Monitor Effect (Live Demo)

I was recently asked by LaboratoryGames (also, here’s their tumblr page) to develop a special shader to be applied on their Starling game called “Television”, to be played on the […]


Using Object Pooling in the design of a Particle System

Have you ever wondered how a Particle System can benefit from Object Pooling? If you’re not familiar with what that is, basically it’s a fancy programming term for reusing recyclable […]


Graphic API Extension Arrives to Starling!

When Starling was created to help developers get a head-start on Stage3D powered games, it was great to see that all the traditional Flash display objects were replicated in the […]


Increasing the Touch Area of objects in Starling

When developing with Starling, have you ever wished you could increase your girth? Wait… no NOT that kind of increase! (Ahem Ahem)  I mean… the size of the hitTest() area […]


Starling Image Clipping / UV-Scrolling Features

While working on my first collaborative game project with Plugin.IO, I was finding it frustrating that we are unable to do in Starling some of the clipping and scrolling features […]


Post-Mortem for “Upward Mankind” LudumDare #24

Interested to read about The-Making-Of “Upward Mankind” (my LudumDare #24 entry)? Well then, here is my post-mortem explaining the good, the bad and the ugly: the difficulties, the change of […]


Ludumdare #24 “Evolution”: Upward Mankind

I’ve really, honesly, didn’t have one sweet clue how to make an ‘evolving’ game within 48 hours. BUT, I have seen my several aspects of my game evolve over those […]


Preview: PyxelEdit Tilemaps implemented in StarlingPunk!

Although it’s a little too late at night to write up a full article about this new implementation I created, see this StarlingPunk demo! Controls Arrow keys to move. This […]

Monterz Logo

“Monsterz” Game Music available on SoundCloud!

I got the pleasure of creating the music for Plugin.IO’s latest game titled “Monsterz” which should be available for Mobile devices soon. It will be a very interesting and cute […]


Math 101: Creating Parallel Lines from Two Points

There was an interesting question asked on StackOverflow’s Flash category today. I thought it would be a nice challenge to solve. Have a look at the question here:


Question Du Jour: How to avoid getting stuck in Synth Design and Focus more on completing a Composition?

Designing a new Bass synth, Lead synth, Pads, Noise Sweeps or even a Kick Drum can be an addicting process – so much, that sometimes it eats up hours of […]


Creating Tilemaps from Bitmaps with Axel

Designing a level for a simple tile-based game doesn’t have to be a painful process of concatenating hardcoded Strings or writing text-files. Instead, you can draw the levels out in […]


Creating a new FlashDevelop Project Template

Whenever a countdown is announced to signal the beginning of a Global GameJam, Ludumdare Compo, 7-days FPS, Jam O’Clock, 0hrs jam or whatever it may be… there is no time […]


POLL #3: Would you be interested in an FL Studio 10 Cookbook?

FL Studio 10, produced by Image-Line, is one fine piece of software primarily used for producing electronic music. At first glance, some users may be too intimidated to use it. […]