- Tag Cloud Cumulus: inspired from Wordle (Sample Data)

Flare3D / Stage3D

- RGB Cubes: Orbiting Camera in Cloud of Colorful cubes.

Experiments & Solutions

- Intersecting Circles creating a hole through a Semi-transparent object
- Genome2D GTilemapAdvanced Implementation

Game Demos

- Fast and Efficient QuadTrees using Bit Logical Operators.
- GGJ 2013 - "Heart": An adventure game where you play as a heart seeking a new host!
- LD #25 - UFO Game: Fly a UFO ship around to kill soldiers and abduct civilians!
- LD #24 - Upward Mankind: Climb your way up the mountains to the flag (Axel powered)!
- LD #20 - Never Let Go, Sam!: Walk your dog without falling in the traps!
- Pong-a-holic!: A Pong game that will amaze you with a Stage3D accelerated background.
- BigPunk Motor Platforms (FlashPunk + Box2D)
- Card matching game (used Away3D)
- Fast Coconut catching game
- Fast Break-Out style game
- Belly Bumping fight between two pandas (use left & right arrow + space to jump)
- Shoot'em-up survival game (mouse and space-bar to change weapons)
- "Simon" style memory game (repeat the sequence with the keyboard arrow-keys)