First I'd like to start by mentionning... I don't write these legal type of documents for a living and I don't see why I should hire anyone to type one for me. Also, instead of getting some inspiration (aka: Copy & Pasting) from another site's "Terms and Conditions" page, I am writing mine fully from scratch without any reference to one.

A Message to my Visitors:

The purpose of this document is to educate you, the visitor, on the acceptable behaviours and conduct around the website. Any violation to these rules may put you at risk of: removing your privileges, black-listed from viewing material, blocking any on-site means of communication between you and the administrator of the site.

Conduct on the site

Since I am an occasional blogger / administrator / programmer / musician, etc... it doesn't allow me to constantly keep an eye on the comments I receive from visitors. So I would appreciate you to follow these simple rules: